St. Eustatius

Part of the Dutch Caribbean, safety and security goes without question and like any small town the people are pleasantly friendly. Only 11 square miles with 2 volcanoes, 21 forts and outposts, a botanical garden, more than a dozen hiking trails in the Quill/Boven National Park, old cemeteries, a restored old town, and a marine park containing some of the best diving in the Caribbean.

Population: 4,000
Currency: US dollars
Over 10 restaurants, with an average lunch cost of $5 to $18, dinners $15 – $28
4 hotels with less than 100 rooms
Medical center & Hyperbaric chamber on island

Historical attractions
Statias small population and limited number of visitors is what makes the diving and nature so special. The more people there are on an island the less nature you will be able to find. Consider a Caribbean island for the most part isolated, an oasis for marine life which thrives in depths from 0 to 300 feet dropping away to the abyssal plane. In this relatively small area around the island most of the creatures we have come to love struggle for existence. Add fishing pressure to their struggle due to large populations for inhabitants and visitors and you can imagine how quickly the larger fish are depleted. Once this has taken place the predators will move to new hunting grounds and without the apex predator there can be no complete ecosystem. On Statia we are very proud to have a complete ecosystem, while this doesn’t mean you will always encounter the larger animals that live in this part of the world; it does mean that you will experience things that cannot normally be seen on the more developed islands. Read more about our fabulous diving in the descriptions of the Dive Sites.

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