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When you are not diving or snorkeling in the clear blue waters of this Caribbean paradise you may want to take advantage of the abundance and variety of fishing experiences that the Golden Rock Dive Center can provide you and your group.  There are a number of different fishing experiences that can fulfill your needs and test your skills in dealing with the local aquatic life.  Below are some of the fishing experiences that can be arranged at your convenience:

Inshore Fishing

Lots of action, a variety of species including Barracudas, Sharks, Snappers, Tarpon, and Jacks. Most of the inshore species are catch and release with some exceptions. We normally have good action on light tackle and fly. Inshore fishing duration 4 hours. $350 for up to 2 anglers.

Off Shore Trawling

We fish for pelagic species trawling the drop-off of the island and have placed FAD’s (fish aggregation devices) to increase our chances. When it is on there is nothing like it for excitement and the best time of the year is from March to October when you can try for Dorado (Mahi Mahi), King Fish, Wahoo, Tuna, and Marlin. This could be a trip you will never forget. Offshore trawling duration approx 4 hours. $500 for up to 4 anglers.

Night Fishing

Done mostly under lights and using chum to increase the action, a variety of species can be caught fishing top water, mid water, and bottom fishing techniques. You could expect to catch snappers, jacks, sharks, barracuda, and tarpon. Some of these species may be edible; the crew will inform you at that time. Night fishing duration approx 4 hours. $500 for up to 4 anglers.

All fishing trips include: Boat, fuel, equipment, and guide, other things you might want to bring along are: sun protection, drinks, snacks, and a camera to record your adventure.

Additional anglers add $100. Island residents contact us for special incentives