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"Patent Pending" (Serial No. 13/230,463)


When he isn’t diving or working with our customers in exploring the natural beauty of the Caribbean jewel known as St. Eustatius, Glenn’s spare time over the past 7 years has been spent developing a buoyancy glider for free diving and scuba diving. This revolutionary diving aid works on positive and negative buoyancy working against a hydrodynamic wing, creating forward motion to propel a diver through the water. Its power is derived from the use of scuba tanks and weights so there is little that can go wrong and no real maintenance required. The obvious physical benefits of this dynamic improvement in propulsion is its ability to provide for silent running, with no electrical signal or vibration allowing it to behave in a natural way. When “flying” the diver gets a feeling more like surfing, sailing, or skiing, where you are manipulating natural forces that propel you. While there is a bit of a learning curve and some skill is required, we don't know yet the full range of its applications and hope others will join us in being amazed with this powerful sexy toy in the future.

DiveGlide was recently revealed at the Diving Equipment Manufactures Association convention in Las Vegas last year where it was overwhelmingly accepted as a new and exciting water sport! The newest glider (white) is only 32 lbs. comes apart and was checked as baggage from Statia to Las Vegas with no extra fees, the first production models are expected to be in the 25lbs range. Other refinements are easily removable wings and weight cards. The DiveGlider is now available to fly at Golden Rock Dive Center and should be available in other destinations in the coming months. Anyone having interest in the developments of DiveGlide should email a request to be put on the mailing list and "like" Golden Rock Dive Center on Face Book as this is where info is posted regularly. We are also currently looking for videographers with interesting projects for the DiveGlide where we can demonstrate its capabilities, interested party please contact Glenn.

It’s time to fly…… DiveGlide is now available to the public where training and tours can be booked at Golden Rock Dive Center. This is currently the only location in the world where underwater gliding is available; however, other locations are being identified for the coming future.

DiveGlide is also available for purchase and are being made to order by the inventor Glenn Faires. Because they are built to order they can be customized to the customers’ requirements. The likely buyers of these first gliders would be anyone looking for speed in the water without sound or vibration. Professional videographers as well as certain research and scientific applications could benefit from the quick recharge aspects and travel ability the glider has as it is accepted as checked luggage. Finally, the relatively low cost high and power make it the newest toy for the extreme waterman.

Watch more video of DEMA 2012 Vegas on www.scubascoutteam.com


In flight:

Interview on how it works